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Vision & Values

To deliver world-class technologies, service platforms and products to support customers who are building Australia's future.

We’re the leaders in Australia in building and construction materials, but we never take that for granted. We’re known best for our extensive range of quality concrete that we produce and distribute across our broad network throughout Australia. We also supply commonly used stone and rock aggregates plus a wide range of standard and speciality sands. What sets us apart is the way we use technology to find better solutions for our customers. For well over ten years we’ve been investing and innovating to be the best at what we do.

That’s the Hanson formula – great people, great technology and exceptional service platforms. That’s been part of our long history and also a critical element in our shared future.

At Hanson, we have four key values that underpin everything we do:

High Performance

We have a continual improvement mindset and we believe that by constantly looking for ways to improve our safety, our service to our customers, our processes and most importantly our people, we will demonstrate high performance throughout our organisation.

Respect & Integrity

We value the integrity of every one of our people. Having respect for our work colleagues is a given. The beauty of people is that we are all different and will have differing points of view. We try to put ourselves in the ‘shoes’ of others before voicing an opinion because it can really make a difference to the way we think about things.

Sense of Ownership & Accountability

All of our over 300 sites around Australia are operated as small businesses and owned by the teams that run them. Our great teams own the relationship with their customers and feel responsible and take pride about not letting them down. Great ideas are implemented without having to go up through the organisation for approval.


True collaboration is with and across various teams and functions to achieve the best outcome for our business. We keep the common goal in mind and strive to achieve the ‘true team’.

Our Policies

At Hanson, we recognise that our actions and behaviour affect many stakeholders including clients, employees, business partners, suppliers and the communities in which we operate. We believe in ensuring openness and transparency within our operations and relationships. Our policies and procedures define what can be expected from us, and in return, what we expect from others.