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SMS Updates

Confirm orders and track loads in real-time, with the Hanson SMS messaging service.

Confirm your order

SMS reminders are sent to confirm orders. Simply tap a link in the message to open a webpage that shows order information and an option to confirm the order.

If all details are correct, tap the green “Confirm Order for Delivery” button and get an almost-instant acknowledgement that the request has been successful.

Track your order

Truck movements are tracked in real-time. SMS updates are sent with onsite ETA when the first load is being batched and if a load is going to be late.

Simply tap the link in the message to open a webpage that shows the assigned trucks and gives real-time information on order progress. Check how much has been ticketed, the stage of delivery and estimated on-site time for each truck.

An SMS update will be sent if an order is running late or if contact can’t be made by phone. The message will share the original and new ETA of the load.


There are some occasions where an SMS may not arrive as scheduled. This may happen if:

  • The mobile phone is out of range
  • A valid mobile phone number is not provided
  • The site contact is not onsite