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Diversity and Inclusion

We value diversity and inclusion at Hanson, so that not only can employees feel confident that they are welcome, but we are all able to meet new people, gain new skills and form different opinions. We encourage people to think differently, because it improves both the business and us as individuals.

At Hanson we believe that diversity encompasses all types of difference, including diversity in gender, age, race, religion, ethnic and/or cultural background, physical ability, sexual identity as well as diversity in other attributes such as education, experience and thought.

We even have an Equal Employment Opportunity Policy to ensure there are no discriminatory practices or measures in place, to demonstrate how important this goal of a higher diversity level is to all of us at Hanson.

We aim to increase the diversity of our workforce by:

  • Establishing measurable objectives for increasing diversity at Hanson
  • Implementing strategies to achieve these objectives
  • Regularly assessing objectives and strategies