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Digital Solutions, Powered by HConnect

Close the gap between your back office and sites with HConnect, our new suite of digital products. Designed with you, for you – making your work easier.

Key benefits:

  • 24/7 access to real-time order data
  • Run your business more efficiently with time saving tools
  • Better user experience based on user feedback

Register for an HConnect account today to access all these time-saving digital tools!


An online portal to manage, track and connect all product related information. Your orders, dockets, invoices, and test reports - all in one place.


  • See the big picture at a glance with easy access to past and current dockets and delivery status information. Need to quickly find a docket? You can find them on Hub within seconds.
  • We've made reconciling your accounts easier by linking dockets to their related invoice. Export all the data you need for your records within a few clicks.
  • Stay on top of concrete testing by viewing RMC test reports grouped by order. Download test reports on demand.

Register for an Hconnect account here or visit the Hub at

Click here to download Hub’s help guide


As part of our plan to decommission MyHanson this year, we are gradually transitioning users to Hub. If you are unable to access MyHanson, you have been transitioned to Hub. In this case, please check your email inbox for login details to Hub as all the data you require will be available on there.


An app that helps you manage and track the progress of your concrete deliveries on the go, in real time


  • See all past orders and monitor current and future deliveries with the click of a button
  • Assess the progress of your deliveries in real time
  • Live location tracking so you can see where our concrete trucks are and their estimated time of arrival
  • Access and manage all your order details in one location, on the go, at your convenience.

Register for an Hconnect account here or download OnSite via the App Store or Google Play Store.