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Hanson Wollert

Hanson’s commitment to fostering an engagement process with community members and key regulatory stakeholders relevant to their facilities at Bridge Inn Road Wollert, has fostered the development of the Wollert Stakeholder Reference Group (SRG).

To establish the SRG, Hanson invited community members, community organisations, facility neighbours and relevant regulatory authorities to participate in the newly formed group.  The first meeting was held at 12 noon on Wednesday 18 May 2022 at the Wollert Community Hall.

The purpose of the meeting was to brief attendees on the current operations of both the Wollert Quarry and the waste management facilities, and to clarify the information and knowledge needs of all in attendance.

All attendees of Meeting #1 agreed to continue their participation in the SRG, encourage greater community member participation, and to continue engaging with Hanson in a way that meets both community needs and regulatory requirements.

For further information about the SRG, or to participate in the future SRG meetings, send an email to: