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Kanmantoo Bluestone

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Hand selected. Hand cut.

The unique colours of Kanmantoo Bluestone make it a favourite with Australian architects, builders, landscapers and designers who want to create a distinctive look.

Available in pavers, tiles and blocks
Open space parks and gardens
Walls/retaining walls
Stone seats
Water features
Memorial stone

Features and Benefits

Each piece of Kanmantoo Bluestone is unique in size, shape and colour. Every stone is split by hand by our quarry workers who are trained to know exactly how and where to work the stone.

Unlike Victorian bluestone which is plain blue, South Australian Kanmantoo Bluestone is multi-coloured. The interior of the stone is usually pale blue-grey or beige. However, ochres, reds and browns, the occasional pinks and purples, and even green can also be seen. These various hues are caused by ferric oxide and other minerals which have been deposited in the joints and bedding planes of the bluestone, over the approximately 300 million years it has taken to form.

Kanmantoo Bluestone is rated to 209 MPa (megapascals) which makes it an extremely stong and durable driveway option.