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Imagecrete Polished

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Strength grade
32, 40MPa
Complies generally with AS1379
Entertaining areas
Pool surrounds
Parkland Gardens
Public spaces
Precast panels
Interior flooring (residential, retail, industrial) [Polish]
Benchtops [Polish]
Showrooms [Polish]
Columns [Polish]
Mantles [Polish]

Enhance the look of your project with Imagecrete Polished decorative concrete. Its timeless polished stone look and durability can transform the appearance of living areas, entrances and al frescos.

Imagecrete Polished is an affordable, high quality product created by exposing aggregates (sand and small stones) in the concrete, which are then honed or polished.

Features & Benefits

An on-trend look available in a range of different designs depending on your region. Imagecrete Polished can be placed in almost any shape and honed for either a matte finish or polished to a high sheen.

Imagecrete Polished has no discolouring grout, cracks or chipped edges, while the polishing process leaves the surface very hard, smooth and impermeable. It won’t stain and can be cleaned easily with a cloth. Imagecrete Polished is perfect for asthmatics and allergy sufferers because it does not trap or attract dust and pollen.

When you need to install a hard exterior surface in organic, as well as geometric shapes, you can pour or spray Imagecrete Colour in less time and with greater ease than you would paving the same area. There’s also less time in maintenance, compared to typical pavers and bricks, because Imagecrete Colour is less porous, and has no discolouring grout, no gaps or sand eroding away and no weeds poking through.

The naturally formed stones and other products used to produce our decorative products may create subtle variations in colour and composition. This makes each and every mix unique.   All product images and pictures are indicative only and there may be variations in shade, aggregate size and colour in each batch.

Concrete is a blend of aggregates and other natural materials which may change the appearance and availability from region to region.

Hanson strongly suggests before you make a decision that you contact the Hanson Imagecrete Representative in your region for more information about ordering, colour availability and to view a sample. Not all colours on the website and in the brochure may be available in your region.

Hanson reserves the right to alter, remove or replace these products without notice.

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