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SprayMasta Plus

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SprayMasta Plus

SprayMasta Plus is the utlimate super sticky mix for your overhead applications

Strength grades:
25, 32, 40 and 50 MPa
Aggregate size:
7mm and 10mm
Compiles with AS1379 requirements
Overhead Applications
Tunnel Construction

Features and Benefits

SprayMasta Plus is a super sticky mix which uses special sands and/ or additives. It provides less bleed and better adhesion and workability, than basic shotcrete mixes like SprayMix. It is designed to stick to overhead surfraces and almost any shape, resulting in less rebound and slewing off when the face is cut and finished.

An accelerator at the nozzle is normally required for overhead work.

SprayMasta Plus is a highly cohesive mix that is less likely to segregate in the line compared to a standard shotcrete mix like SprayMix. It can therefore be more easily pumped through a standard 2” line.