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Gets to the tough spots. Without you.

Designed for tricky infill situations, LiquiFill is the labour-saving, structural fill alternative that get to tough spots, with no compacting.

Generally complies with AS1379
Conduit trenches
Sewer trenches
Inground tank
Retaining walls
Backfill Infill
Underground tanks
Abandoned mines and wells
Soil erosion control
Pressure grouting
Utility trenches

Features and Benefits

LiquiFill uses fine aggregate with a very high slump to create great workability. This means it flows into all the gaps, including those against walls, down trenches, in odd shapes or underground cavities, without the need for external vibrating or compacting. And because it’s self-levelling, no finishing is needed. This speeds up your backfilling operation, reduces machinery and manpower, and overall job costs.

(*In a study conducted for Hanson by engineering consultancy BE Collective, we compared typical costs on a typical compacted fill project. While the costs used are typical, they are estimates only and will vary with each project.)

LiquiFill is free flowing under its own hydrostatic weight, so there is no need to move input points, compact or vibrate. It won’t settle or rut under loading which means it can be walked on within 10 hours and driven on by heavy machinery within 24 hours.

The durability of LiquiFill and its ability to fills all voids, means it’s less water permeable and more resistant to erosion than clean fill, crushed aggregates and sand cement blend fills.