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Super flow. Super fast.

CoreMasta is a highly flowable mix that makes it easier to fill blockwalls and reach difficult areas

Strength grade
20 MPa unless specified otherwise
200 or 230mm
1m³ fills approximately 135 standard masonry units (400x200x200mm)
Generally complies with AS1379 and meets SAA Masonry Code
Infill for block masonry, difficult formwork sections or moulds and retaining walls
Gully traps and inspection holes
Infill to all standard and irregular in-ground structures, including confined and inaccessible spaces

Features and Benefits

CoreMasta’s highly flowable mix gives it more spread than a standard block fill like CoreCrete. It prevents segregation, and reduces the risk of blocked pumps or the need for excessive rodding and vibrating.

CoreMasta is specially designed at a higher nominal slump to avoid excess water addition on site. It is self-levelling, fills voids better, needs less compacting, and doesn't flow through cracks and brickwork.

CoreMasta’s strong, cohesive and highly flowable mix uses less coarse aggregates than CoreCrete. This makes it easier to fill hard to access formwork, irregular in-ground structures and shapes, and heavily reinforced areas.