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Pump higher, easier and strip faster.

SkyMasta is Hanson’s best mix for slabs in multi-storey construction, over eight storeys.

Strength grade
40 MPa to 50mPa
120 to 180mm
Aggregate size
up to 20mm
Generally complies with AS1379
Multi-storey construction (over 8 storeys)

Features and Benefits

Using a specifically designed aggregate grading combined with higher slumps – typically anywhere from 120 to 180mm –produces a mix that can be pumped to over 20m vertically, using tower pumps.

SkyMasta is designed to pump easily vertically – minimising strain on your pump and avoiding blocking, which ultimately reduces time on site.

Construction across multiple stories is typically complex, which is why Hanson project and technical managers are assigned to oversee each project. They are available to consult with customers from start to finish, staging mixes to suit progress and managing deliveries.