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Fine Slab Fill

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The fine fill for flat finish

Fine Slab Fill is used to trim ground to a flat level during construction.

Processed non-descript (untested) product that typically has a particle size of 5mm or less
Ground trimming, the fine fill layer underneath the surface of driveways, carparks and slabs
Backfilling pipes and trenches
Golf courses and equestrian

Features and Benefits

As the world's largest aggregate producer, we maintain high quality rock sources in quarry reserves around Australia. Fine Slab Fill uses processed 5mm or finer aggregate and no clay. Unlike Coarse Slab Fill, Fine Slab Fill goes through the entire crushing and screening process, to produce a consistently small size. This ensures a flat finish.

The consistently small size of Hanson's Fine Slab Fill allows it to be used to trim ground to a flat level during construction and a range of other applications. It can also be covered post-construction with concrete slab or planting,

Our rock comes from virgin sources that we control so it’s always free of weeds, seeds, organics and other deleterious materials.