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Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia

ISCA is a member-based, not-for-profit body specialising in the development of industry led performance-based governance and reporting frameworks, decision tools and rating tools.

A key component of ISCA’s work is the IS rating scheme. The scheme is voluntary and assigns a rating based on sustainability performance data collected from within the industry. The rating can be applied to planning, design, construction, and operation of all infrastructure asset classes in all sectors.

Since ISCA implemented the IS rating scheme in 2012, over $75 billion in infrastructure and civil works, projects, or assets in Australia and New Zealand have either been certified or have begun the registration process for an IS rating. The IS rating scheme is the only comprehensive sustainability comparison tool in Australia.

ISCA’s value lies in the framework and solutions it can provide. The consistent approach of ISCA’s evaluation and application of sustainability principles can enable smarter solutions that cut risk and reduce costs for infrastructure projects. ISCA’s practices encourage resource efficiency, waste reduction, innovation, and continuous improvement, which leads to an increase in credentials and
reputation for companies like ours.