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COVID-19 Update & Impacts to Supply

Dear valued customer,

As of 16th of July we have had 4 confirmed COVID-19 cases at our Greenacre concrete batch plant. Presently they have all developed symptoms and we are hoping they will have a quick recovery.

We have been working closely with NSW Health from first report of a positive case. Investigations by NSW Health have identified our Greenacre site as a case location. We are currently following all directions from NSW Health which stipulate that anyone who has attended the site between 1st of July and 14th of July is a close contact, must get a test and self-isolate. Also anyone who has received a delivery from the Greenacre site between 1st of July and 14th of July must get tested, isolate, contact NSW Health and stay at home until further direction from NSW Health. We have provided NSW health with site and customer delivery details for this period.

We have a COVID-19 response team working closely with NSW Health and following all guidance. Our site personnel tracking is thorough and we have made contact with impacted individuals as per NSW Health directive.

NSW Health have been provided with all the details regarding the confirmed cases and close contacts. As such NSW Health will be making contact with any sites that they deem at risk which have been visited by individuals who are a confirmed positive or deemed a risk.

As you can appreciate this will have an impact to our supply chain and at this point this impact is significant. We are working through all possible scenarios to maximise capacity & mitigate impacts on your business.

During this situation we remain positive and confident that by following our COVID-19 response plan and the direction of NSW Health, we will be back to full capacity in the shortest possible time.

We appreciate your understanding and support while we resolve the situation. If you have any queries, please contact your Hanson representative.

Need additional information?

Visit the NSW Health website for information.

Details on the Hanson COVID-19 response can be found on our website - Responding to COVID-19 | Hanson Australia