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We know you can't compromise on quality. So we don't either. We operate 27 testing laboratories around Australia, to comprehensively trial, test and grade our concrete and quarry material. Each lab is staffed by expert technicians who test a range of properties including compressive strength, concrete workability and material grading to ensure you get exactly the product you need.

All Hanson products are comprehensively tested to guarantee their performance capabilities, and to ensure they meet relevant Australia standards. Our technical team also works closely with customers, onsite and in the laboratory, to engineer custom mix designs for unique building applications.


  • Our network of NATA-accredited research laboratories boasts highly qualified technical teams and state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Materials-testing services include field-testing, materials evaluation, standard tests for compressive and flexural strength, and a range of specialised tests (coring and dry shrinkage).
  • Our temperature, humidity and dry-controlled testing rooms include a large shrinkage room, as well as curing and crushing/testing rooms.
  • Our staff lead the field with unmatched knowledge and practical experience across residential, commercial and industrial applications.
  • Our nationwide Technical Service Centres are supported by Quality Assurance systems.
  • Concrete field testing
  • Analysis of hardened concrete
  • Quality control and statistical analysis
  • Design of specific mixes
  • Evaluation of raw materials
  • Fee-based testing
  • Concrete analysis
  • Materials evaluation
  • Compliance testing for aggregates and concrete

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