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Customer: McConnell Dowell
Construction Segment: Industrial
  • Located in Tasmania, the Meander Dam Project included the supply of 200,000 tonnes of Roller Compacted Aggregate, Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) as well as ready mix concrete for the dam’s diversion tunnel, spillway and associated works.
  • Significant challenges were faced throughout the project. During RRC trials, it also became evident that a higher dust-content was required and the ARAN200 needed modification so more dust could be blended with the RCC.
  • At short notice, Hanson shipped an ARAN200 pugmill to Tasmania, while an old cement tanker was modified so it could parked on-site as a back-up storage facility.
  • A fixed bin and conveyor system was set up to feed dust into the pugging chamber of the ARAN200 and the mobile crushing gear on-site was modified to crush the required amount of dust.
  • The Meander Dam is a crucial component of Tasmania’s Water Development Plan and was the state’s largest ever irrigation scheme, with 24,000 megalitres (ML) of water available for irrigation.
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