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The Hanson Technical Service Centres are an integral part of our customer service process. We aim to help our customers utilise the latest in premix concrete technology on their projects. We also aim for the highest quality premixed concrete and the most suitable solution for the application.

All of our Technical Service Centres are staffed with experienced people who are always available to share their knowledge in the latest premixed concrete technology and testing systems.
Testing capabilities
In addition to our ability to design specific mixes, Hanson’s NATA accredited Technical Service Centres offer extensive premixed concrete testing services throughout Australia. Our technicians and staff are expertly trained in all facets of testing. Our Technical Service Centres can not only test premixed concrete, but can also conduct other construction material tests.
Our staff
Practical training methods and sheer hands-on experience makes our staff, leaders in their field
We have a dedicated team of technical personnel with a great depth of knowledge and practical hand’s on experience. Whether it be advice to the home owner or discussion of specification with designers, our experienced staff at the Technical Service Centres are always available to share their knowledge and provide guidance.
Our technical staff are supported by a comprehensive network of Technical Service Centres with full Quality Assurance systems. We can also leverage off the Hanson global network, so the best solutions can be developed.
As valued customers, you are always welcome to inspect any of our Technical Service Centres across Australia.
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