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Premixed concrete


With over 10,000 mixes on offer, Hanson is your single source of premixed concrete for all projects ranging from footpaths and driveways, to houses, freeways, airports and large infrastructure developments.

Our extensive plant coverage and ability to use mobile batching plants allows us to deliver high quality premixed concrete to virtually any location in Australia.

Everyday concrete - Standard premixed concrete suitable for residential, civil, commercial and industrial building projects.
Premium concrete - A high performance concrete range designed to overcome site issues relating to time, quality and cost.
Imagecrete - Hanson's decorative concrete range, including coloured, exposed and polished concrete options.
Premixed concrete orders and enquiries - To purchase any of our premixed concrete range, call 13 26 62 for metro orders, or contact your Hanson representative through one of our regional offices.
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