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A guaranteed concrete setting time in hot and cold weather.

When time is money, Sure-Set® is your best bet. It takes a potentially costly variable out of the job with Hanson’s guaranteeing concrete set time.

Sure-Set® is available in three concrete types (Gold, Silver & Bronze) to suit a range of weather conditions and concrete applications.


Sure-Set Type 

Temperature at final discharge point 




















NOTE: Setting times may be a lot faster than specified. Allow for a very quick set.
* Not available in all areas

Works in cold weather From last load to concrete finishing takes just 6 hours with Sure-Set® Gold when the air temperature is 5ºC at the discharge point.

No costly overtime – Sure-Set® lets you knock off earlier. Even concrete poured at noon can be finished by 3pm in certain circumstances. (Refer to chart forsetting times under different weather conditions.)

More productive labour – Using Sure-Set® lets you organise your trades with military precision. No more idle work gangs standing around waiting for a pour to set before they can get on with the job.

Faster formwork removal – Where strength permits, Sure-Set® allows you to remove and start reusing formwork sooner than with regular concrete. This means less on-site material requirements.

Beat the storm – With Sure-Set® you can arrange a morning pour even when it looks like a storm later in the day. Quicker setting reduces the chance of fresh concrete being damaged by torrential rain or overnight vandals.

Money back guarantee – Hanson guarantees the setting times shown in the chart below, provided the warranty conditions are followed.

  • All concrete  – Whenever set time is important    
  • Cold weather - When concrete traditionally has longer set times 
  • To speed up projects - When you wan tot get the job done early    
  • Inclement weather - Likelyhood of afternoon rain or interruption




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