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While it’s true many applications require mesh reinforcement, just as many don’t. Driveways, carports, even airport taxi-ways and low-rise industrial developments can often do without separate steel reinforcement altogether. Instead, you can use SteelmixTM.

SteelmixTM is a ready-made concrete mix with steel fibres that control and inhibit cracking. You can form up and pour directly onto your surface, without fussing around with cutting, fitting and fixing steelwork. So you save a lot of time. And, just as importantly, you also save money, because you don’t have to buy separate steel reinforcing mesh.


Reduce labour costs - No need to place steel reinforcement means you can get straight on with the job. With Steelmix™ you’re saving before you even start.

Less material costs - As well as eliminating the need for mesh, Steelmix™ can, in some cases, lead to a reduction in slab thickness, saving you even more on material costs.

Superior durability - Steelmix™ is a durable concrete with high flexural and fatigue flexural strength. It reduces spalling and offers excellent impact resistance with no problematic fibre exposure.

Reduced cracking - The random and even distribution of steel fibres in Steelmix™ ensures that cracking is controlled and inhibited throughout the concrete. Microcracks are intercepted before they develop.

Quicker connection - No steel mesh on-site reduces both construction time and your paperwork. With no steel in the way, trucks can drive right up to the discharge point and deliver loads without pumping.

  • Industrial pavements and slabs
  • Driveways and carports
  • Airport taxiways
  • Shotcrete applications
  • Precast wall panels and products
  • Toppings and overlays on concrete decks
  • Bored compression piers
  • Garages and sheds
  • Walkways and footpaths   
  • Gully traps and inspection holes
  • Continuous paved roadways
  • Chemical containing facilities
  • Mine stabilisation works



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