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Don’t back-fill the old way. It’s time-consuming and expensive, and even after compacting, it can’t take the load of more modern alternatives.

Liquifill® is a type of concrete material specifically designed for backfill applications. It’s a flowable, self-levelling, self-compacting alternative to traditional fill, that’s easier to use and can carry more load.

Although you can use Liquifill® for virtually any backfill operation, it’s particularly useful when you need to minimise settlement, or when there’s restricted access for compaction equipment. Plus you can colour-code it, which makes it ideal for signalling to those digging in the future that they’re near a pipe or cable.

  • Contains Portland cement, fly-ash, fine aggregates and additives
  • Complies with AS1379 requirements
  • Slumps: 180+

Speeds backfilling - Backfill with Liquifill® and you can knock off earlier. At 180+ slump, Liquifill® is self compacting which reduces your labour costs.

No rollers required - Forget hiring loaders, rollers and compactors. Liquifill® is self compacting so use it in areas out of reach of compacting machinery.


Superior stability and resists settlement - Liquifill® is ideal for jobs requiring a stable base. It won’t settle or rut under loading. Walk on it within 10 hours. Drive heavy machinery over it within 24 hours.


Resist erosion - Liquifill® is far less water permeable than standard fill so it offers superior resistance to erosion.


Reduced voids - Use Liquifill® to ensure that buried services are completely and uniformly supported.


Increased safety - No need to have your workers in the trench during compaction.


Cuts excavation - With Liquifill® there’s no need to widen trenches to cater for labour and equipment. In most cases it can be excavated at a later date with hand tools.


Customised mixes - Liquifill® mixes can be adjusted at the plant to meet a range of specific site applications.


  • Conduit trenches
  • Utility trenches
  • Sewer trenches
  • Culverts
  • Inground tanks
  • Retaining walls
  • Backfill Infill
  • Disused water pipes
  • Underground tanks
  • Abandoned mines and wells
  • Disused sewers
  • Manholes
  • Soil erosion control    
  • Slope stabilisation    
  • Floor slab bases
  • Road base
  • Pressure grouting


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