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If you want concrete that’s easy to work, but you can’t risk adding water, Easycrete® is the answer. Its unique high-slump formulation guarantees better than 120mm slump for at least half an hour.

This means it’s easy to pump, spread and work, and allows for an excellent finish. And because you’re not adding water on-site, it’s just as strong as regular concrete, without the surface problems water creates, like bleeding, dusting and cracking.

  • Slump – 120mm slump for at least 30 minutes from arrival on-site
  • Standards – Complies with AS1379 requirements
  • Strength grades: 20, 25, 32, 40 and 50 MPa
  • Aggregate size: 10 and 20 mm

Easy 120 slump with no loss of strength – The special Easycrete® formulation gives you concrete with increased slump, good paste and excellent finish without compromising on strength.

Less wear and tear – Easycrete® reduces the wear and tear on your equipment and also your workers.

Faster workers – Because it’s easier than regular concrete to place, Easycrete® allows your labour to cover more ground in less time.

Lower pumping costs – Due to lower pump pressures, Easycrete® can be pumped longer distances which can save you on time and money.

Hanson guarantees Easycrete®  – Hanson guarantees Easycrete® will retain workability of better than 120 slump for at least 30 minutes* after the concrete arrives on-site.

  • House slabs
  • Paths and driveways
  • Precast panels
  • Stamped/coloured concrete
  • All industrial and commercial applications
  • Pumping applications
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