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You could choose a standard blockfill. But why would you, when Coremasta® delivers so much more? Unlike traditional blockfills, Coremasta® flows and pumps easily, and is far easier to place. Think of it as a flowable concrete grout.

Ideal for filling masonry walls and challenging in-ground structures, Coremasta® is a unique, concrete-based formula that virtually eliminates pump blockages and rodding, and penetrates all cavities quickly and easily.

  • Unique formulation – Composed of aggregates, cement, fly ash, water and a proprietary combination of admixtures.
  • Compressive strength – 20 MPa at 28 days (unless otherwise specified).
  • Slump – 150 mm + 30 mm.
  • Coverage – 1 cubic metre (without waste) fills approximately 135 standard masonry units 400 mm x 200 mm x 200 mm.
  • SAA Masonry Codes – Coremasta® components meet the required SAA Masonry Codes.

Super penetration – The unique oil-like flow of Coremasta® eliminates segregation problems and offers superior penetration to all block cavities. Won’t block your pump either.

Unique formula – Coremasta® is a flowable concrete grout composed of aggregates,cement, fly ash and a special combination of admixtures.

Easy to place within difficult formwork – Excellent pumpability and setting qualities makes Coremasta® the right choice for tricky formwork jobs. Use it to fill moulds and awkward inground structures.

Save on time and labour – With Coremasta®, you don’t get held up by blocked pumps or excessive rodding. When the job’s done, simply clean out the pump and you’re on your way home.

  • Infill for block masonry
  • Gully traps
  • Inspection holes
  • All awkward in-ground structures
  • Infill to difficult formwork sections or moulds
  • Retaining walls Confined spaces
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