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Tips and Advice

Important information for designers, home owners and concrete contractors.

Give sufficient notice when ordering – To ensure availability of your chosen decorative concrete product a minimum notice period applies.

Notify order taker of total job requirement – If your project is to be completed over a period of time, whether 2 days, 2 weeks or 6 months, notify the order taker of the total job requirement when you place your first order.

Use reputable concretors – To ensure that your project looks the way you want it to, Hanson recommends that only reputable concretors be used to place and finish the Imagecrete® decorative concrete range. You may want to request an on site test panel be placed by your concretor to ensure you both agree on the desired finish.

Don’t add water – Hanson’s decorative concrete range has been specially designed to achieve a unique look. Any addition of water to the concrete once it has arrived on site may result in an unsatisfactory finish and will reduce the strength of your concrete.

Protect your finished job – Hanson recommends that your new decorative concrete be adequately cured and an appropriate surface treatment be applied to keep it looking good year after year. For maximum effect, we recommend that surface treatments be re-applied periodically as per manufacturers' specification.

Colour variation – Aggregates used in Imagecretecolour®, Imagecreteexpose® and Imagecretepolish® are products of nature and can vary in quality, colour tone, shape, texture and impurities. All brochures, images, samples and other projects are indicative only of the final colour and texture achieved. These variations can also change the shade of the concrete matrix. Imagecrete concrete products placed over different time periods can and will vary in appearance even though they may be the same product name from the same plant.  Hanson recommends that you discuss this beforehand with your contractor or local Hanson representative.

Concrete joints – Ensure jointing is designed well to minimise the chance of cracking and also to compliment your design.

Placement – Any sample of aggregate or finished product shown to you is only indicative and illustrative of the type of finish to be achieved and no guarantee is given that the finished product will conform with this sample.

Imagecreteexpose® is designed to achieve a successful exposed aggregate finish. It is not recommended to place these products via a concrete pump. Hanson gives no guarantee of pumpability. Hanson will not be responsible for poor workmanship, the addition of water or other products added to the concrete on-site, or the use of a sugar solution as a surface retarder for aggregate exposure.

The process of exposing the aggregate in fresh concrete can generate wash-off water that has a high cement content. All wash water must be recovered and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. Under no circumstances should this water be allowed to enter any drainage system or natural waterway.

Although every effort is made to ensure aggregates are free from foreign material or inconsistencies, aggregates are a product of nature. Please consult your local Hanson representative for information on colour ranges and the availability of products in your local area

Tips and Advice

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