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Imagecrete Polished Concrete

Imagecrete Polished Concrete

Decorative concrete with a timeless look and timeless performance.

Hanson Imagecrete Polished Concrete: An Overview

When it’s time to make choices about the hardwearing, indoor floor coverings for your home or project, it’s hard to go past Imagecrete Polished decorative concrete, with its timeless polished stone look and timeless performance. 

The right choice of floor coverings and materials for living areas, entrances and al frescos, is crucial not only to the look of your home or project, but the maintenance and upkeep you’ll be letting yourself in for, over its life. 

For instance, tiles might look nice, but they’re prone to cracking and grout discolouration over time. Timber floors look good at the beginning, but their colour fades and they need re-sanding. Carpet isn’t for everyone, - and it’s definitely not good for asthmatics.

Imagecrete Polished Concrete is an on-trend alternative that performs for a lifetime – without a lifetime of maintenance. Made by exposing some of the aggregates (sand and small stones) in the concrete, and then honing or polishing it, Imagecrete Polished decorative concrete is a top-of-the range look, without a top-of-the-range price.

Timeless look

If you’re thinking of choosing tiles for the living areas or even bathrooms in your contemporary or traditional home, think again. (According to trend watchers, industrial chic in bathrooms is on the rise – and with it, concrete.) The problems with tiles are legendary – cracking, discolouration – and so is the expense. 

Imagecrete Polished decorative concrete, gives you the natural beauty of polished stone in a tile-like finish, that’s seamless and virtually maintenance-free. Not only that, its look is something even tile manufacturers are trying to copy! (One of the world’s top tile trends is to create tiles that mimic concrete.) Why get a tile that looks like concrete when you can get the real thing? 

In addition, if you’ve used Imagecrete Exposed in your driveway, paths or entrance you get to really bring the outdoors in when you transition to Imagecrete Polished Concrete inside. 

Couple a honed or polished finish with a variety of customisable coloured aggregates and a limitless range of colours, and whatever your design idea, Hanson’s experienced Imagecrete team can create a look to meet your project needs.

Timeless performance 

When you choose your living room floors, you want them to be hardwearing. Composed of inert materials bound into a homogenous mass, Imagecrete Polished Concrete has extremely high compressive strength and abrasion resistance, making it impervious to wear – even from a tribe of active children. 

In fact, a polished flooring concrete finish is the hardest, most durable flooring surface you can install, performing well even in high-traffic areas.

Engineered for multiple uses

Hanson’s Imagecrete Polished Concrete is suitable for high-traffic areas where a seamless, tile-like look is needed, including:

  • Residential homes: Living areas, entrances and al fresco areas
  • Commercial projects: Foyer and high-traffic areas in hotels, shopping plazas and museums

From the leaders in decorative concrete

Imagecrete Exposed comes to you from one of the world’s leading building materials companies.

  • Customer Service: We give customers super-fast order taking and personalised customer service via our best-in-class Customer Service Centre, real time logistics updates for easy site management and real-time order tracking via our mobile app
  • Design Support: We also give you deep architectural and technical support, with test laboratories in every state, and a national team of mix design specialists that ensure quality and customisation
  • Production Quality: All our products use fully traceable, highly consistent mixes, to minimise rectification and wastage
  • Quality Guaranteed: Imagecrete Polished Concrete is backed by the rigorous Hanson quality assurance process and meet all relevant Australian Standards
Imagecrete Polish

Imagecrete Polished Concrete

Decorative concrete with a timeless look and timeless performance.

Hanson Imagecrete Polished Concrete: Benefits

Hanson’s Imagecrete Polished Concrete is the decorative concrete that gives you a limitless choice of timeless looks, all with enduring performance. 

Hanson Imagecrete Polished Concrete

  • Limitless design options
  • Performs forever
  • Low maintenance
  • Allergen-free
  • Energy efficient

Limitless Design options 

Hard surfaces in living and high traffic areas make a lot of sense. So does a product that blends a tile-like surface with the beauty of natural stone: Imagecrete Polished decorative concrete.

With a seamless look, that’s surprisingly warm underfoot, you’ll easily create that indoor-outdoor connection. And, because you can choose the colour and aggregate of your concrete, as well as the cut and polish level, you’ve got a limitless array of looks to choose from.

  • Aggregates can be set in one of three concrete options - standard concrete, off-white concrete or in any one of our full-depth colour concrete options.
  • With 60 standard colours, and easy colour matching to Colorbond fence, gutter or roof colours there is a host of standard colour options
  • Hanson Dynamic Colour Matching can also give you any colour you dream up - and match to any colour including paint and tile
  • Alter the level of aggregate exposure - from heavy to light - depending on the style and design of your project. 
  • Choose the cut and polish level to create looks that range from subtle to bold
  • If that’s not enough, there are also infinite freeform design possibilities 

Different finishes

Hanson’s limitless range of colours can be enhanced even further, using different decorative concrete finishes. 

  • Honing is a process that removes the surface layer of concrete, cutting the aggregate to produce a smooth, matt low-maintenance finish. 
  • Polished concrete is concrete that is honed and then polished. The concrete is machined for a longer period of time using finer abrasives until the surface is extremely glossy and reflective.

Performs forever

Unlike competing sedimentary materials, like sandstone for example, that are compacted and forced together, Hanson Imagecrete Polished decorative concrete, is composed of inert materials bound into a homogenous mass. This means Imagecrete Polished has extremely high compressive strength and abrasion resistance. 

When it comes to colour, Hanson uses LiquidColour™ liquid pigments, based on iron oxides, to add the colour to Imagecrete Polished decorative concrete. This means that the colour completely permeates the concrete, so that even if your surfaces are damaged, it won’t be as obvious.

In addition, Imagecrete colours are added using Hanson’s fully automated liquid pigment system, which improves accuracy and is traceable through autographic batch records. 

  • Colour permeates all the way through the concrete
  • Fade-resistant to weather, sun – including ultraviolet light (UV)
  • Automated liquid pigment system for accuracy and traceability

Low maintenance

Imagecrete Polished decorative concrete is easy to clean and maintenance costs are virtually nil making Imagecrete Polished Concrete cost effective. Once your Imagecrete Polished concrete floor is completed, there’s no need to repolish, no rising edges, no trip points, no broken boards, no steam cleaning, no stain removal, and no tiles to replace. 

To clean:

  • Simply vacuum and mop a polished concrete floor using eco-friendly, non-acidic cleaners
  • Wipe spills with a soft cloth without staining


Imagecrete Polished concrete floors are non-allergenic, making them suitable for those with asthma. With a non-porous surface that’s easy to clean, there is no place for bugs or allergens to hide.

Energy efficient

Imagecrete Polished concrete floors can also help your heating and cooling bills. With the right orientation and passive solar design, Imagecrete Polished concrete floors can retain coolness in summer, and warmth in winter.


Imagecrete Polish
  • Retail outlets
  • Bench tops
  • Showrooms
  • Eateries and restaurants
  • Corporate offices
  • Residential homes
  • Industrial flooring
  • Columns
  • Mantles
  • Precast
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