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Decorative concrete that gives you any look you like

Hanson Imagecrete: An Overview

If you’re after colour and style in your indoor and outdoor hard surfaces, then the Imagecrete decorative concrete range gives you any look you like, and lasts a lifetime.

Whether you're simply renovating or undertaking a new build of a home or project, Hanson’s Imagecrete range of decorative concrete finishes – Colour, Exposed and Polished - will add that finishing touch to driveways, gardens and al frescos, and bring the outside in to living room floors, kitchens, and bathrooms. It will also add an elegant touch to a variety of civil and commercial applications.

Limitless design options

From the colour of the concrete to the choice of the aggregates; from the finish on the surface, to the cut and polish of the stones, all these ingredients combine to give you limitless design options. Not only is there an enormous range of standard colours and mixes, but the Hanson Dynamic Colour Matching system, can also match any colour you like. (Want inspiration? Check out top concrete design trends.)

Enduring performance

Unlike competing sedimentary materials, like sandstone, that are compacted and forced together, Hanson Imagecrete decorative concrete, is composed of inert materials bound into a homogenous mass. This means Imagecrete decorative concrete has extremely high compressive strength and abrasion resistance.

Not only that, but all Hanson Imagecrete products are designed and tested to be:

  • Watertight
  • Temperature-resistant
  • Weather-resistant
  • Traffic-resistant

Engineered for multiple uses

Hanson’s Imagecrete decorative concrete range can be used in a host of applications, including:

  • Residential building: in driveways, paths, gardens, pool surrounds, al fresco areas, living, kitchen and bathroom areas
  • Civil projects: safety crossings, underground utility areas, public spaces such as parklands and shopping centres
  • Commercial building: High traffic areas like foyers in multi-storey office blocks, hotels, shopping centres and museums

From the leaders in decorative concrete

The Imagecrete decorative concrete range comes to you from one of Australia's leading building materials companies:

  • Customer Service: We give customers super-fast order taking and personalised customer service via our best-in-class Customer Service Centre, real time logistics updates for easy site management and real-time order tracking via our mobile app
  • Quality Guaranteed: Imagecrete Colour is backed by the rigorous Hanson quality assurance process and meets all relevant Australian Standards.
  • Production Quality: All our products use fully traceable, highly consistent mixes, to minimise rectification and wastage.
  • Design Support: We also give you deep architectural and technical support, with test laboratories in every state, and a national team of mix design specialists that ensure quality and customisation for the ideal decorative concrete finish


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