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Large rocks

Large Rocks

Protecting our communities and environment  


Hanson Large Rocks: An Overview

Large rocks are ideal for applications on a grand scale. 

Ongoing climate change has forced a construction evolution. Today more councils and developers need to create weatherproofing and natural barriers to prevent erosion along rivers and coasts. Hanson Large Rocks deliver on these specific objectives. 

Our aggregates typically range in size from 150 mm-1500 mm plus, depending on the specification.

Uses for Large Rocks 

Hanson Large Rocks are typically used for break walls. You can see them near overpasses, protecting roads from unstable cliffs, by airport runways, shoring up runways from the ocean, and all along Australia’s coast line, protecting towns and suburbs from encroaching rivers or wild seas. 

One of Hanson’s more famous break wall projects is in Port Macquarie, NSW. Created 15 years ago, over the years local artists have taken to painting the rocks and today the break wall has become a tourist attraction and scenic walk in its own right.

What to look for in break wall rocks

There are two key factors to consider in choosing Large Rocks for break wall projects:

  • Extreme resistance A specific type of rock that will not be affected or broken down over time by environmental elements, particularly salt water. Good rock choices include basalt, granite and greywacke
  • The right size In a water break wall, sea waves will constantly push and pummel rocks. You therefore need them to be the exact size required for the space as once inserted successful break walls will not move 
Large Rocks
Large Rocks

Large Rocks

Protecting our communities and environment  


Hanson Large Rocks: Benefits

Large Rocks protect communities from harm and protect structures and places from the ongoing challenges of wind, water, erosion and time.

Hanson’s Large Rocks are sourced from our own quarries around the country and are renowned for their strength, durability and corrosion-resistance. 

Why Hanson Large Rocks?

  • Location We have quarries across the country, well-located for faster sourcing and delivery  
  • Geology Our Large Rocks are scientifically tested for intense strength, durability and corrosion resistance 
  • Ease Large Rocks are not always easy to handle. Hanson takes the pain out of managing them, by making the ordering and delivery process as easy as possible 
Large Rocks
Large Rocks
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