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Decorative Pebbles

Decorative Pebbles

Natural beauty, contemporary style  


Hanson Decorative Pebbles: An Overview

Pebbles are the natural – and beautiful – way to transform any surface. From patios to pools, pathways to potted plants, Hanson has a range of decorative pebbles in just the size you need for your next project.

Thanks to their natural variations in colour, texture, shape and size, pebbles are perfectly at home in virtually any setting.

Because they come from quarries right here in Australia, they’re highly cost-effective, too. 

Decorative Pebble
Decorative Pebble

Decorative Pebbles

Natural beauty, contemporary style


Hanson Decorative Pebbles: Benefits

Boasting natural beauty and contemporary style, Hanson Decorative Pebbles are also easy to install and require very low maintenance over their lifetime. 

A great product...

  • Natural beauty Decorative pebbles lend a natural beauty to any landscaping project
  • Low maintenance Pebbles are naturally hardy, so they can take a lot of rough treatment
  • Easy to install No need for specialist expertise. Just pour and spread
  • Contemporary style Pebbles are increasingly popular in modern landscaping

...backed by great service

Hanson is committed to great service. Over many years we have built our reputation on delivering on time, to specification, and doing so in a way that’s as easy and helpful for you as possible.

One of the Australia’s largest producers of aggregates we also have:

  • Great geographic spread With 70 quarries around the country we have one of the best geographic coverage in the industry 
  • High quality product Higher specification and stronger aggregate products mean we can meet the most exacting customer requirements
  • Unusual specifications With over 70 quarries around the country, our different plants and aggregates have their own unique properties. And with 29 laboratories around Australia, we can create mixes to meet any demand
  • Guarantees for you Through our chain of laboratories nationally, Hanson products are tested and guaranteed by the best

At the end of the day what we at Hanson want is to make sure we deliver you the product you need, on time and to specification. That means we work harder to deliver for you, and never take our eye off that goal.

Decorative Pebble
  • Decorative features
  • Garden beds
  • Creek beds
  • Pathways
  • Driveways
  • Drainage
  • Exposed concrete in swimming pools
Decorative Pebble
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