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Crusher Dust

Crusher Dust is a stable level-filler, ideal for use wherever a solid base is required.

With fine, powder-like qualities, Crusher Dust compacts to create a strong, sturdy surface. Made up of a mix of small crushed rocks and fine aggregates, this versatile material can be used for car parks, highways, pipe bedding and more.

Crusher Dust
Crusher Dust
  • Particle sizes less than 5 mm. Graded through to particle sizes finer than 75 mica
  • Resistant to heat and fire
  • Excellent load-bearing capacity
  • High stability and durability
  • Easily compressed into tight spaces
  • The chemical nature of Crusher Dust is dependable and largely alkaline Contains minerals that are insoluble in water.
  • Ideal to stop mineral leaching in soils, reduce waterlogging and to raise the PH level of soil
  • Uses less water than other alternatives and has excellent load-bearing capabilities
  • Environmental and economic benefits. It blends with natural sands to improve concrete shrinkage and water demand
Crusher Dust
  • Asphalt products
  • Driveways
  • Car parks
  • Under-slab fill
  • Highways
  • Pipe bedding
  • Cost-effective fill material
  • Backfill trenches Under tanks
  • Drainage material
  • Bedding material
  • Horse ménage
Crusher Dust
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