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One of the Australia’s leading providers 


Hanson Aggregates: An Overview

Hanson is one of the Australia’s leading aggregate producers. We’re proud of that, and we’re proud to cater for all customers, from the very large to the very small.

Hanson Aggregates

  • Scale: World’s leading producer
  • Quality: Quarries throughout Australia
  • Service: Catering to all types of customers 

What is an aggregate?

An aggregate is defined as a collection of items gathered together to form a total quantity. In construction terms, it is defined as a collection of materials used in construction, from sand, gravel and crushed stone to slag and recycled crushed concrete. In everyday terms, you can think of aggregates as a collection of rocks, from those only just larger than a match head all the way through to large rocks and boulders. 

Aggregates are either: 

  • Fine aggregates: Materials sized less than 5 mm (sand particles)
  • Coarse aggregates: Materials sized 5 mm or more (rock particles)

Aggregates are the most mined minerals in the world. 

Where are aggregates used?

Aggregates are often used in composite materials like concrete and asphalt concrete, adding strength to the composite material. In terms of volume of space occupied, they are the largest component in concrete. 

Construction aggregates are also used as a base material for roads and railways, adding stability. Due to their high hydraulic conductivity value, they are widely used in drainage applications, including septic drains, road side drains and retaining wall drains, as well as in the filter around pipes.

  • Concrete production Adding strength
  • Drainage For their high hydraulic value
  • Filter around pipes For protection and strength
  • Asphalt and sealing aggregate For roads, highways and car parks

Why Hanson aggregates?

One of the Australia’s leading aggregate providers, at Hanson we deliver on scale, size and quality.

  • We cater for all building needs From concrete, roads and car parks to drainage and everything in between
  • We cater for all order sizes From 300,000 tonnes to a single trailer-load, we cater for all types of customers and project scopes 
  • We cater for all requests With a range of aggregate sizes, and with quarries all around Australia, we always have quantity in stock, available for delivery within days
  • And we never compromise on quality Our quality assurance process ensures every Hanson load meets specification. So the aggregate you order is precisely the aggregate you get.



One of the Australia’s leading providers 


Hanson Aggregates: Benefits

At Hanson, we have built our reputation over many years on two promises that we always deliver on: great quality products and great quality service.

Great quality aggregates

With over 70 quarries around the country, Hanson not only has an excellent geographic spread but is also known for its commitment to quality. 

  • Any application As one of the world’s leading providers of aggregates, we have one for every building need
  • Any order size From a single trailer-load to 300,000 tonnes, we always have quantities in stock
  • Any specification We readily supply for projects requiring specialised aggregate performance characteristics
  • Great accessibility Buy Hanson aggregates direct from the quarry or have them delivered to your site by one of our 1500-strong logistics fleet
  • Exactly to your specifications Rigorous testing ensures our loads always meet specification

Great quality service

At Hanson we believe that great service comes from putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes, and walking a mile in them. 

So if you’re part of an organisation constructing a railway link, we know you’ll need hundreds of thousands of tonnes of material during the project lifetime. We understand that one of your major requirements will be around price, and we’ll meet you there. But your requirements will also be around volume, and we’ll ensure you receive your product through the entirety of the project, and will always keep up with your demand. 

Alternately, if you’re a builder working on two or three house builds and at one of those sites have a bobcat ready for a 7am pour, we understand that if the concrete isn’t there by that time, then you have a bobcat sitting idle and that’s serious money lost. That’s why we always deliver on time. 

At Hanson, we have built our reputation on getting our aggregates to you, on time and to specification. Simple as that. 

Why Hanson?

  • Getting it there
    • On time
  • To specification
  • Concrete production
  • Drainage
  • Filter around pipes
  • Asphalt and sealing aggregate for roads, highways and car parks
Common Aggregates
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