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Common Aggregates

Hanson is the world’s leading producer of aggregates. We cater for all building needs – concrete, drainage, roads, car parks, and everything in between.

All order sizes, too. Whether you’re after a single trailer-load or 100,000 tonnes , you can be sure we have what you need. We stock a range of aggregate sizes and, with quarries all around Australia, we always have vast quantities in stock – all available for delivery within days of your order.

And naturally, it’s all of the highest quality. Our quality assurance procedures ensure every load meets specification. So the aggregate you order is precisely the aggregate you get.


Accessible - Buy Hanson aggregates direct from the quarry or have them delivered to your site by one of our 1500-strong logistics fleet.

Specific - We readily supply for projects requiring specialised aggregate performance characteristics.

Any application – As the world’s leading provider of aggregates, we have one for every building need.

Any order size – From a single trailer-load to 1,000 tonnes , we always have vast quantities in stock.

Get exactly what you order – Rigorous testing ensures it meets specification.

Common Aggregates
  • Concrete production
  • Drainage
  • Filter around pipes
  • Asphalt and sealing aggregate for roads, highways and car parks
Common Aggregates
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