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Imagecrete decorative concrete


Imagecrete makes shaping your own space possible.

Whether you're simply renovating or re-inventing your environment entirely, our stylish and versatile concrete will bring life, charm and character to living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, gardens and beyond.

With limitless textures, colours and forms, it works well with metal, brick, timber, furnishings, art, sculptures and other landscaping solutions.

Imagecrete decorative concrete doesn’t just look good; it’s also hard-wearing, low maintenance and easy to clean.
The end result is a cost effective design solution that is sleek, functional and inspiring.
Imagecrete offers an inspiring range of colours and decorative aggregates for you to combine and finish, achieving your chosen style:


A robust and durable surface where the texture and earthy charm of your aggregates is exposed.  


A customised range of full-depth and rich colour concrete for any building project.


A honed concrete, ground and polished to express the elegance of natural aggregates.


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