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Hanson is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of heavy building materials to the construction industry. We produce aggregates, including crushed rock, sand, gravel, crusher dust and road base and a high quality premixed concrete range.

This includes over 10,000 standard mixes, as well as premium and decorative concrete solutions that offer additional benefits like increased strength, higher durability, or in the case of our Imagecrete range, greater aesthetic appeal. Our third business division is precast concrete. It focuses on providing our customers with architectural and engineering solutions through modern precast design and a product range that includes loadbearing facades, cladding, hollowcore wall panels as well as flooring and structural precast concrete.

Hanson is part of the HeidelbergCement group, which employs 57,000 people across five continents. HeidelbergCement is a global leader in aggregates and has leading positions in cement, concrete and heavy building products.


Getting it out of the ground is only a part of what we do. The next and often most critical element of our order fulfilment process is the actual delivery of aggregates, premixed concrete and precast concrete products.

The hub of this activity is our state-of-the-art national customer service centre in Brisbane. Here, a team of nearly 100 order takers, schedulers and support staff use the latest computer technology to orchestrate upwards of seventy thousand deliveries a month.

As well as our fleet of concrete agitators and aggregate tippers, our logistics network also features cement tankers, a train and heavy-duty machinery including dump trucks, front-end loaders and face-shovels.


With global strength, national coverage and local presence, we have a proud history of getting the job done. Hanson is big in Australia and even bigger on a worldwide basis. This critical mass gives us the momentum to push forward and 'make it happen,' whatever the challenges.

It also gives us exposure to the best business practices and ideas from around the world. Our organisational culture is results-driven and our people are experienced, hands-on and customer-focused. With a broad range of aggregate, concrete and precast concrete products, if you need the job done, we'll make it happen.


Our vision: We will be the No. 1 aggregates company in Australia, supported by first-class premixed concrete and aggregates products and logistics operations.

Our values: Hanson Australia is people, committed to success and customers through safety, high performance, a sense of ownership, innovation as well as respect and integrity.


Safety is our number one priority. We aim for ‘Zero Harm,’ based on the premise that there is no job we undertake that is so important, we cannot take the time to find a safe way to do it. A strong safety culture at Hanson has allowed us to maintain an improvement trend across all major safety indicators, including Lost Time Injuries.

This has also been achieved by:

  • Putting safety first. Respecting the environment.
  • Utilising available safety equipment, clothing and procedures and ensuring employees follow security, safety and emergency procedures and policies at all times.
  • Maintaining high standards of tidiness and ‘housekeeping’ and avoiding conflict or incidence of horseplay.
  • Treating equipment with care and reporting damage or deterioration.
  • Being aware of our work environment and reporting any safety issues.
  • Ensuring employees are responsible for their safety and that of others.

Health and Safety Committees are also operational at all of our sites and comprised of both employees and managers. They ensure that Hanson’s comprehensive Integrated Risk Management System (IRMS) is adhered to and all safety policies, procedures and systems are both monitored and improved upon.

High performance

Hanson’s viability depends on each employee striving for improvement and working to the best of their ability. High performance at Hanson means we strongly encourage our employees to:

  • Undertake tasks and responsibilities in a timely manner.
  • Perform their responsibilities to the best of their ability.
  • Utilise work hours and Hanson resources productively.
  • Seek and be receptive to, a better way of doing a job.

Sense of ownership

We believe our employees contribute to the positive reputation developed by Hanson. A sense of ownership means we also encourage employees to:

  • Make considered decisions for the improvement of the business.
  • Be accountable for their decisions and actions.
  • Enjoy work and fully contribute their skills. Be a responsible member of the community.
  • Take personal responsibility for self-development.
  • Actively participate in the Hanson team.


Hanson is an industry-leader and strives to maintain its position as Australia’s number one aggregates company, supported by first class concrete, aggregate products and logistics operations. Innovation at Hanson means:

  • Being an adaptive organisation.
  • Being a leader, not a follower.
  • Ensuring all our people make a difference.
  • Always asking, "Is there a better way?"

Respect and integrity

The Hanson workforce is a diverse reflection of a multicultural community of individuals with different beliefs, attitudes and backgrounds. We believe in:

  • Demonstrating tolerance and acceptance of an individual’s gender, marital and family status, race or ethnic origin, religious, political or social beliefs, physical or intellectual limitations, sexual preference, pregnancy or age.
  • Ensuring everyone at Hanson is treated in an equal and fair manner regardless of their characteristics or beliefs.
  • Being consistent and fair in our dealings.
  • Applying a high standard of accuracy to our work and working as part of a team.
  • Taking care with information and documentation so that unauthorised persons are not given anything of a confidential nature.
  • Encouraging open and honest communication.
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